Sunday, March 13, 2011


Why it is only a three letter word but something that is always on my mind and I think something that will always haunt me.

Why did this happen

Why did this happen to me

Why did this happen to us

why why why.

LIFE is not fair and I want to know why

I don't think I will ever know WHY.

Sean asked me the other day why I was so sad still, I told him mommy is going to be sad for awhile I really miss your baby sister. Sean then asked why did Kiera leave us, why did she die? I want her back so I can play with her.

So someone please tell me WHY this happened to us please.

Sean wants to know why I won't put another baby in my tummy, I said mommy and daddy are not ready to do that yet and he asks but why.

Why why why............................